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📌 Every staff must remember that they are a normal user like everyone and any waring that they give must be RESPECTFUL and FRIENDLY.  Patience is very important. Staffs have no right to abuse or disrespect a user even if user abuses staff.

🎈 If user asks reason for an action, staffs must answer it but only once alone enough that too in pvt with respect.

🎈 If a user disrespects you, staff is not allowed to abuse/disrespect/be sarcastic/insult/laugh at the user. No emojis or teasing the user allowed during warning. You are allowed to give a warning and take action if they disrespect

🎈 Abusing with bad words / vulgar talk / sexual ads are not allowed

🎈 A Big No to provoking or instigating fights

🎈 Hate spreading or recruting people to hate is not allowed. Every one has independent right to choose their friends. If you fight/insult a person for choosing your enemies as friends. It will be considered as rule break.

🎈 No arguments allwoed in main chat. If anyone torubles you or taks bad about you report to us by clicking flag button, we will warn him/her and if they fail to respect our warning we will take action. If instead of flagging if you fight tit for tat, it will be difficult for us to find who started it. So If you have a problem, flag and report to us. Please Dont argue or fight equally with a abuser and spoil your dignity.

🎈 Users are not allowed to encourage other users to fight in main chat when we are in the process of calming down the fight.

🎈 Feel free to report any complaints or ask any questions on admins/mods or admin action to any admin or mod who is online or Chief Admin in PRIVATE CHAT ON LY.Admins will not be responding to any such complaints/questions in main ch at.If they still continue to escalate the issue in main chat and tries to instigate fight action will be taken

🎈 Creating multiple ids is totally fine. But even if we receive a single bullying / abuse / harassment complaint then that id will be kicked out and deleted.

🎈 Intentionally creating ids in other verified user's name is strictly prohibited

🎈 Tagging & inappropriately texting / irritating / disrespecting a user against their will is not allowed

🎈 Inappropriate, abusive and disrespecting content in any public place ( status messages, wall post, news comments and about me ) is not allowed

🎈 Inviting users to other sites is not allowed.

🎈 Talking bad about honeychat or any sort of defamation in is not allowd in any public place including Friends wall. If you have a problem discuss to staffs in pvt.

🎈 Friends, During the game we are expecting users to use Ans: when you answer questions from game bot so that system can automatically differnetiate answer from normal conversation and make our counting process easier. But few people are using Ans: before normal conversation to confuse the system like Ans: saptaya, Ans: thoonginaya. Please dont do that, counting take hours and this will add additional burden for us.

🎈 Any form of spamming is not allowed. Users are not allowed to post repeated content. Using emojis for fun is fine. But please make sure that you don't occupy half of the mobile screen area by yourself either in a single message with many big emojis or by posting multiple small messages rapidly and disturb others from reading their friends' messages. This rule is in place to improve readability of chat.

🎈 In FM Room alone repeated emojis are allowed to have fun and jam with songs. But if a user intentionally misuse this rule to disturbingly spam FM Room , that will be treated as rule break.

🎈 Intentional SPAM is allowed in Take a Break room alone(But you won't get points for SPAMmming). Even if there are no users in other room SPAMming is not allowed.

🎈 For now Tamil is allowed in all rooms except Kolkata. When you visit a room please try to speak local language / or english so that everyone there can understand. For now as there are no much non-tamil people in Other Language rooms except Kolkata. So we are allowing Tamil in other rooms except Kolkata

🎈 Youtube video posting rule: No nudity in thumbnail. No bad word in caption text. No porn/abusive videos.

❗If the above rules are broken, staffs have full rights to follow the action sequence. If someone breaks the rules, victims can contact any staff including myself anytime. But the perpetrator (person who is being warned) can contact me only if there is a complaint against the staff. You can contact me in private alone. If a staff is warning you, you are expected to respect the warning. Instead of respecting the warning, demanding for Chief Admin in main chat will be treated as non compliance. If you respect staff's warning and contact me in private regarding a complaint against staff, I will listen and help you.